Truffles & Candies

  • Pecans covered in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a mix of both The box is approx. 1 pound If shipping to a warm climate we will include an ice pack. Extra shipping charges may apply  
  • 9 truffles come in a white box with Alaskan Fudge Co. sticker Shrink-wrapped for travel Choose FedEx 2 day or USPS for shipping.
  • Choose from pecans (husky paw) almonds (almonds) cashew (sea otter) Choose from milk, dark, or white chocolate The box is approx. 1 1/4 pound If shipping to warm-climate we will include an ice pack. Additional charges may apply      
  • Our most popular truffles! Flavors cannot be substituted Read description to see a list of the flavors
  • 4 oz of Smoked Pacific Salmon from Glacier Seafoods. 12oz of Kelp made BBQ Sauce as well as, 2 oz of Popcorn and Veggie Seasoning. Aprox 8 0z of  our most popular Milk Chocolate No-Nut fudge. 8 oz of  Freshly Made Peanut Brittle  
  • Get a bundle of our famous brittle and caramel corn sent right to your door Each box is sent USPS or FedEx 2 Day in a medium flat rate box. Any additional products will need to be shipped separately.


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