It’s hard to believe but March is here! In Alaska, the month of March is known as breakup time. The time of year when the days get longer and warmer! Well usually the days get warmer, this spring we seem to be in a cold snap that doesn’t want to end! The warmest it has gotten the last two weeks is 30 degrees! March also tells us that summer is right around the corner which means it is time to start working off the winter layers that we have accumulated to keep us warm. 😉 It might be cold but its the perfect time to get outside and hit the slopes or jump on your cross country skis. This is the perfect time of year to get out and see some of the prettiest landscape you will ever witness.

Here at the Alaskan Fudge Co., we are getting both stores ready for the upcoming cruise ships. We are supposed to get over 1.2 million cruise ship passengers visiting Juneau this year! An increase of 20%! So it is going to be a very busy summer indeed. On top of getting the storefronts ready for visitors we are also thinking of doing a St. Patrick’s Day fudge and we are torn between making fudge with pistachio or Guinness. If you have a preference then drop a comment below! Hope everyone has a great spring and we hope to see you this summer.