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The Alaskan Fudge Company has been owned and operated in beautiful downtown Juneau Alaska since 1980! Our cooks use the finest ingredients to make some of the best fudge you’ll ever eat! If your cruising to Juneau just follow the smells to anyone of our two locations and enjoy watching the calorie absorbing tables do their thing! For those of you that arent cruising have no fear! We are open year around and you can always call us up or order online! That way you can have a taste of the Last Frontier no matter where you are!
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What goes into our fudge?

Our fudge is a labor of love! Every batch starts out with sugar, chocolate liqour, corn syrup, milk and heavy cream mixed into a 30 pound copper pot! From there we cook it to an ever changing temperature then pour it out on our 900 pound solid marble tables. Once it hits the table  the calorie extraction process begins! We move  the fudge all over the table to ensure that it removes every last calorie! ( We are just kidding about removing the calories part ) 🙂 We work the fudge to break down all the sugar crystals and make it that smooth creamy fudge so many have come to love.  The last step is shaping the fudge into a loaf  to ensure it fits into our beautiful boxes featuring the Mendenhall Glacier. Each loaf is hand cut and boxed and shipped all over the country to happy fudge shoppers everywhere!
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Careful Craftsmanship

We dip nuts, coconut, and raisins to make our hand dipped clusters! Our turtles begin by mixing up a batch of caramel from scratch and then hand funneling them onto tray of pecans, cashews, and almonds! Once the caramel cools we take each turtle and dip it in tempered milk, dark or white chocolate!

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