Our caramel pecan logs are one of our most delicious and time-consuming treats! It takes two days to make up to ten, 3-6 pound logs. We start with a 30-pound copper kettle full of caramel made from scratch. Next, we take trays of caramel that have been cooling overnight and cut it into fourths. This is where things get interesting! Once the caramel is cut, we roll them into a log shape and quickly dunk them into the kettle full of hot caramel. Next step is to quickly fish them out using two forks and throw them into a 10-pound tub of crushed pecan pieces. The pecan logs are wrapped in parchment paper and set in back to cool. After a couple of hours, we take the pecan logs and slice them into 1/2 inch pieces.

We sell two different sized boxes, approx.. 1 pound 3/4 for $30 or if that is a little too much you can get approx. 3/4 of a pound for $20. Be sure to choose what size box and what kind of chocolate you want.