The Alaskan Fudge Company was started in 1980 by Blue and Debbie Bergmann. The recipe they have perfected was originally formulated as a chocolate fondue. Sometime in the late 1800s, a fortuitous accident happened when a candy maker on Mackinac Island botched a batch of fondue and discovered the beginnings of the very same fudge we make today.

Growing up in northern Michigan, Blue was familiar with the smooth creamy confection, and felt sure the climate in Southeast Alaska would be perfect for fudge production. And it was, the first few batches were next to perfect and the summer was spent in long hours of fudge making to keep up with hungry visitors. Since then it has graced the tables of many in the United States and Abroad. As the years went on, the company grew, and of course so did the family. The four Bergmann children were literally carried around the store on Dad’s back and were all raised in the store. Blue and Deb are still involved with the business but getting ready for retirement with their only son, Scott taking over the business. We hope you enjoy a taste of the Last Frontier!